Greenlight's always been hit and miss for me - for every "I MUST HAVE THIS" masterpiece, there's 100 generic puzzle games, flash games, Minecraft rip-offs and 8-bit nostalgia crap. With that said, there's been a few games I've discovered through the service that I want more than AAA games - quite seriously, my 5 or 10 most anticipated games of 2013 are all on Greenlight (at least now that I've beaten BioShock Infinite :P). In this mini-article, I'll bring the spotlight on some of my favourite Greenlighters, and give a brief opinion about each.

Dead Trigger:
This one won me over on its Halloween trailer alone. A big gripe I've had with a lot of recent zombie fare (games, movies, etc.) is that they've taken the fun out of zombies by making the genre way too damn serious. It's fine to have those serious elements in there, sure, but there's gotta be some goofball in there, too - that's why Left 4 Dead and Dawn of the Dead work so well. Dead Trigger is an arcadey FPS - kill zombies, get points. Brilliant.

MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall:
I loves me a good Beat 'Em Up. Being a child of the 90's, I was never too fond of the NES style Beater - Double Dragon and River City Ransom will never do for me what Turtles in Time and X-Men Arcade have. Modern Beaters have gone pure 80's, for reasons I can't comprehend... I never thought they were all that good. To scratch that itch, I have MechKnight, a Beat 'Em Up inspired by the greats of the 90's. Just watch the trailer... It looks amazing. :'D

Rad Raygun:
Did you ever play those GameBoy Mega Man games? I did. This reminds me so much of those. Only difference? Instead of Doctor Wily, you're fighting Soviet Russia. It genuinely looks like a GB game, and that's just awesome.

Shovel Knight:
Every games media site worth their salt has been raving out how amazing Shovel Knight looks, and after trying the demo... Yeah, they're right. This game fucking rocks. 'Nuff said.


I love urban exploration. I love breaking into old buildings and seeing a world left untouched for decades. This game - a Finnish title about a structural analyst (building inspector?) - is a survival game set in those environments. I love games on some of their decrepit environments alone, so to see a game built around decrepit environments... I think I'm in heaven. :'D

That concludes my Steam Greenlight Overview for today. I'll likely write another one tomorrow, since this list only covers about a third of the games I'm following. I highly encourage anyone who read this article to spend on hour or two on Greenlight - make sure you upvote the projects you'd love to play (and downvote all the fucking crap cluttering Greenlight)! Thanks.

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