If an auto mechanic charges you anymore than $200, it's robbery. The battery is easily replaced for $100 - probably less if you're in Yankeedoodle Americaland - and the leads and like $20 at most, and you don't even need to replace them. I could fix that with an hour of labour, they could probably do it in a quarter… » 9/30/14 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm

I'm really eager to share this video on TAY, because it pretty accurately sums up my thoughts on social justice bloggers... How they use click-baiting tactics and merely pretend to champion the causes they claim to stand for, all as a ruse to prop themselves up on a high horse. It's 90 minutes, but it's the best… » 9/29/14 8:39pm Monday 8:39pm

Are You Zapdos Intolerant?

I don't really give a Wormadam. I'm not gonna Raichu a love song. I wanna take you on a Magikarpet ride. Weedle get you high. These puns are Onix-eptable. I turn on my Charmander pants come off. I can't Bayleef it's not butter. Don't worry, there's no Shaymin hating puns. That Ho-Ohs me money. Ekans see clearly now,… » 9/27/14 11:26pm Saturday 11:26pm

You know, I have a massive backlog, but probably less than 10% of it is newer games. Catherine, Gunvolt, Resi Revelations... Beyond that, I don't have much newer stuff. Most of my backlog is 90's stuff, brah. » 9/23/14 12:58pm 9/23/14 12:58pm

Man, that's so great to hear. There are so many fantastic indie games on Stean, I mean, dozens of them, but they invariably fade into obscurity because of the 6 bajillion games some Russian guy spent an afternoon working on. Hopefully thisfixes that. » 9/22/14 9:02pm 9/22/14 9:02pm

I'm actually not too fond of Nintendo. I have the SNES, N64 and Gamecube, and I love them, but not really for the Nintendo titles. I don't like Mario, aside from Mario World and Mario Land 2. I like three Zelda games A LOT, but I don't really care for the rest. I like all the console F-Zero games, and I like Metroid… » 9/22/14 12:42pm 9/22/14 12:42pm

A Final Thought On Gaming "Vs." Feminism - Both "Sides" Are Wrong

I am a gamer. I am also a feminist. Two different ideologies hate me right now, because I dare to be two things at once. Two things that are, definitely, not in any conflict that is not strictly manufactured. After a few days of reflection, and a few conversations about the "big issues" across various media, I feel… » 9/20/14 11:51pm 9/20/14 11:51pm

That's a good sign then. Maybe it'll cause sites like Steam to reevaluate the benchmark for getting greenlit. When Greenlight first started, there was a firm benchmark that games had to meet to gain entry, but now, they release 50 new games every month. » 9/18/14 9:26am 9/18/14 9:26am