TAY Classic Cuestion: Perpetual Livestream?

Hallo Herr TAY, I'm considering doing a lot more livestreaming, but I'm not sure if interest exists... Basically, I'll have my Twitch channel streaming whatever game I'm playing whenever I have that game on, sometimes with commentary, sometimes without. Would that be interesting background noise for you guys? Let me… »4/07/15 11:00am4/07/15 11:00am

An Exchange Between My Brother and I, Regarding FF15.

Me: FF15... Doesn't look as cool as its original trailer.
Me: Where's all the colour?
Brother: the story was awesome in original trailer
Me: There was a story?
Brother: yeah man
Brother: get the crystal
Me: All I remember was this king-like dude sitting in his throne room, and then chopping the fuck out of knights with… »6/11/13 6:56pm6/11/13 6:56pm

Operation Condensation: Episode 1 - What The [Fudge] is a Sonic?

Operation Condensation has been a resounding success so far! I've gotten through 3 games and made my decisions on whether or not I'm keeping them. My fiance chose the first one for me - Sonic Advance 3. After that, I tackled Fear Effect and Rayman - of which the fiance picked at random. :P

But anyway, let's get the… »6/01/13 11:11pm6/01/13 11:11pm

Introducing a new series - WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE [Zelda game]?

Whenever I feel like it, I'll post a new segment of What Is Your Favourite? to TAY and tayclassic. I still don't have author rights for some reason, so someone will have to bump it for me. :D Anyway, in this series, I'll ask you simply: "What is your favourite [ ]"? It can be anything, from games to movies to… »5/31/13 9:51pm5/31/13 9:51pm

I had a bit of a realization, and I feel it's worth sharing with all 20-somethings...

I had a bit of a realization, and I feel it's worth sharing with all 20-somethings... A little while ago, I was wondering where my career was going. Seemed like no matter where I went, I max out around $20 an hour - which is probably the case for a guy with my skill set right out of school. Then I realized something:… »5/31/13 7:22pm5/31/13 7:22pm

Anyone wanna take up a photoshop project for me?

So I FINALLY found a copy of one of my childhood favourite games (The Raiden Project; pictured) on eBay for a reasonable price (snagged a disc-only for around $25, though it normally runs around $40).
I have two problems though:
1. It doesn't come with the box and
2. If it did, it's a longbox title.

EDIT: Can someone… »5/30/13 4:13pm5/30/13 4:13pm

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was made in 2004 - Quick Review

For those who don't know, DKCR3D is a 3DS port of 2011(?)'s Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. The original was good, but it had stupid controls designed for idiots. As JonTron sarcastically put it, "Buttons don't work. Why push a button when you can shake a stick?" Plus, it was hard as balls, but not in a smart… »5/25/13 7:06pm5/25/13 7:06pm