Here’s an amazing track that I’ve never heard anyone talk about, from The Last Story. Easily the best track on that game, and one of Nobuo’s finest. Sounds fucking amazing on my sound system.
» 4/18/15 12:34am 17 minutes ago

I think you’ve convinced me to watch this. I’ve absolutely hated the superhero movie thing; hell, I think the only non-gaming piece of media that is super-hero related I’ve actually like was the Batman 90’s cartoon. Super hero media as a whole has always left me asking myself, “Why do people like this so much? It’s… » 4/17/15 5:14pm Yesterday 5:14pm

The new avatar windows be all like, "... And guest starring, Ernest Borgnine!" I chose my avatar because I like Mega Man Legends a lot. We need a third one. My Steam avatar is the big Reaverbot from the first dungeon, and my Twitter pic is Tiesel Bonne (aka the best character in anything ever, but mostly because of… » 4/16/15 10:25am Thursday 10:25am

Gamestop is a shit company with shit management and shit marketing. Their buying power is incredible, but I know exactly why they're doing this: To shut the little guys out of the market. And that's not positive competition. At all. All they're going to do is take in retro games until the competition has been killed… » 4/15/15 7:08pm Wednesday 7:08pm

Why in the world would you trade in your PS3 - a console that has hundreds of games and dozens of great games - for a console that has two or three good games? The PS4 can't even play PS3 games, for some reason. There's literally no value in doing so. » 4/15/15 5:48pm Wednesday 5:48pm

Backlog Update: Universal Soldier is Not Very Good! Next Game?

Universal Soldier is a Turrican game reskinned to look like a Jean-Claude van Damme movie. For those of you that joined my stream, I apologize for the multiple delays and the demonic voiceover; I wasn't told until after I cut the stream that my microphone was 2 spoopy 4 TAY. I'll work on getting that and… » 4/15/15 12:28pm Wednesday 12:28pm

As someone who prefers solo, introverted gaming, I really don't understand the appeal of co-op or multiplayer. I mean. Having other people there doesn't fundamentally change the experience for me; playing a game of Tribes online is not different from playing with bots. Playing L4D with TAY is not fundamentally… » 4/14/15 2:18pm Tuesday 2:18pm

Front Mission: Gunhazard and FF7 have eerily similar OSTs. Both were done by Nobuo, and both around the same time, so it really makes you wonder if perhaps some of the tracks were originally made for one game, but used in the other. » 4/13/15 10:26am Monday 10:26am

TAY Blip - Got My Charizard Amiibo Today

Isn't it beautiful? Thanks to Nintendo's nonsense and retailer incompetence, this will have to suffice as my Charizard Amiibo. Amiibos went on preorder for exactly one day at EB Games here in Canada today. Best Buy isn't doing pre-orders at all. Amazon has the listings, but everything but the Splatoon ones shows up as… » 4/12/15 6:31pm Sunday 6:31pm

Sure, lots of things. There's the obvious rule of, "If you don't know what it is, approach with caution." But there are a lot of foods I really just do not like at all. Raw tomato (every sandwich or burger I order is sans tomato), most heavy cream products (because my stomach can't handle them), non-fish seafood (it… » 4/11/15 3:22pm 4/11/15 3:22pm

Still playing through The Last Story. Long games aren't too long if you stay committed to them; I reckon I'm maybe 75% done now? After that, I'll run a poll to see which movie/TV adaptation game I should play next. » 4/11/15 11:12am 4/11/15 11:12am

I'm currently playing through The Last Story, and it's really goddamned good. I hadn't heard great things about it, nor Xenoblade, from my peers, so I was pleasantly surprised. The biggest complaint seems to be localization which... Let's face it, is just otaku elitism bullshit. I think TLS has a phenomenal… » 4/08/15 9:30am 4/08/15 9:30am