Blip: But Do I Open Them?

I came home from shithole rural Michigan to find all this stuff in my mail pile. Obviously, I'm going to open the blind box (I have no idea what's in it!), but the other stuff... I don't know. I'm leaning towards "yes" for the Amiibos, but I'm not sure if they'll look cooler loose in my curio or hung up in the package… » 2/27/15 8:42pm Friday 8:42pm

Credit where credit's due, she's gotten much better at arguing her case than she was when she started. Gone are the vitriolic overtones straight out of Tumblr, and in their place are well-reasoned, sensible arguments. But I guess at this point, she doesn't need to be inflammatory to be noticed. Is that a good sign?… » 2/26/15 3:44pm Thursday 3:44pm

Even as a culturally superior Canadian, I concede that not all Americans are dumb. It's just that dumb Americans are reeeeeeeally dumb, due to their inability to disseminate bullshit and exercize skepticism. » 2/25/15 4:16pm Wednesday 4:16pm

The thing that I love about the first Metroid Prime in particular is the backtracking. People criticize backtracking as lazy game design, but I couldn't disagree more. I like that you can return to an area you'd otherwise never see again 80% through the game and find there's a whole 'nother room hidden in the ceiling.… » 2/23/15 12:53pm Monday 12:53pm

This, "Nah, it's fine" attitude is what sinks entire companies in my industry. The first manufacturing plant that says, "Oh, that ongoing issue that keeps causing downtime? Yeah, just band-aid that shit," is also the first to shut down. » 2/23/15 12:02pm Monday 12:02pm